April 23, 2014

9 Crimes A Web Designer Can Commit On Call to Action Pages

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call to action pages that convert

The very purpose of having a website is to persuade the visitors to take a particular action. Such calls to action may not fetch the desired results if they are complex, confusing and negatively-worded. You should make use of simple and positive language in your calls to action. The following are certain mistakes web designers commit while making call to action pages.

Clutter due to excessive graphics
Web designers add graphics not just for creating visual appeal to call to action pages but to give usability to them. But, if you use too many graphics, it will create clutter on the page. This in turn will shift the attention of the visitors from one graphic to another, leading to a distraction of the viewer. Some of the visitors may not know where to begin also. In a perfect call to action page, right number of graphics will be there and so, the visitors may easily know the action they should take. If you have such a page, you can justifiably expect good conversions.

The call to action should not go unnoticed
If you use wrong colors on the page, your call to action may get lost in the other items on the page. So, visitors may miss it out and this may deprive you of some potential sales.

The background you choose may distract the attention of the visitors
The background colors on your call to action page should not distract or dilute the attention of the visitors. These include your brand colors also. Neutral colors may not unsettle the attention span of the visitors.

You should not allow your call to action to get lost
You should ensure that the call to action is very much “visible” to the visitors. By using appropriate colors and putting the items on the page at the right places, you can achieve this aim effectively. If you keep the call to action buttons far away from key points or if the page is cluttered with a lot of buttons, the visitors may not take the required action.

Do not stuff a lot of information on your call to action page
Due to this mistake, visitors may start devoting their attention on the information and not on the call to action. Your information may be valuable to visitors but your valuable information may blur their attention of people who are the eventual visitors on the website. So, apart from giving the right dose of information, you must use the call to action button at the most effective and the best location on the page.

Wrong placement of call to action buttons
If you place the call to action buttons at wrong places, they may go unnoticed. If visitors do not see them, you can’t expect any conversion

Wrong size of call to action buttons
If the call to action button is very small, people may end up missing the most important aspect of your web page.

Mistakes in wording of texts
You should word the calls to action appropriately. The wordings should not convey your message wrongly.

Lack of clarity in the calls to action texts
The wordings should not cause confusion in the minds of the readers. You should see that your message is conveyed clearly.

This post is written by Calvin. He helps provide web design and hosting tips and uses the website http://www.pixelinternet.co.uk for a low cost shared and dedicated Windows and Linux web hosting service.

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  1. Larry,
    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome guest post with the BizSugar community. I see it’s already climbed to the front page. I think, unfortunately, when it comes to creating Websites that effectively help our brands and businesses stand apart, we’re all guilty of sometimes putting in less effort than we should.
    Heather Stone recently posted…9 Crimes A Web Designer Can Commit On Call to Action Pages

  2. Hi Larry,

    Call to actions is very important for internet or blog marketing, it can help you increase your income or build your mailing list. Call to actions has to be done carefully to ensure that you are fully utilizing it and not missing any person attention to follow your call to actions. One of the biggest mistakes even bloggers do is to provide many options for users to select from or fill their blogs with a lot of distracting ads. Thank you so much for providing these tips to ensure doing it the right way.
    Qasim recently posted…65 Great Blogging Tips

    • I agree with you Qasim. It is important that your call to action be very clear.

      Someone once told me (I don’t recall who it was) that if you give a person too may choices, they tend to make none.

  3. It is refreshing to find web designers who take conversion optimization (or in this case call to actions) more seriously. I think it is the true test of a design – looks great but will it convert?
    Tom Shivers recently posted…Top Problem For Businesses New To SEO: Conversion

  4. I must admit, I have to give you props for the title! Totally pulled me in! lol! These are great tips for a call to action page.
    Wade recently posted…Why You Should Buy CommentLuv Premium Before The End Of The Year

  5. Oh crime, I love the title idea!

    Though, I haven’t in my life created a landing page before for product or affiliate marketing but getting to read this insightful post means a lot to my understanding of how landing pages and call to action works.

    Thanks for your guide
    Olawale Daniel recently posted…Google Updates: Panda, Penguin, Zebra. Can Bing really stand as the Google alternative?

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