April 18, 2014

Five Ways To Naturally Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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drive traffic to your blog photoIt used to be that you could quickly and easily drive traffic to your blog and build your page rank using a few SEO tactics like building backlinks and spamming comments everywhere. Since that no longer works, you have to do things a little differently, and increase traffic to your blog naturally.

More targeted traffic means more exposure to potential customers and clients, more revenue from any ads you might have and of course, a higher potential of being ranked higher so that you can get traffic to your blog.

Here are a couple of methods that you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

Focus on Quality, Natural SEO

While you’re SEO might not be the number one item drawing in your traffic, it can certainly help. Hire a company offering copywriting services to optimize your web content, and perhaps work on putting up optimized blogs as well. Today’s SEO content focuses on quality, helpfulness and of course, using the right keywords at a low density. If you can’t use the words naturally in a sentence, they shouldn’t be there.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog by Guest Blogging

Guest blogging works both ways to drive traffic to your blog. For example, if you post a guest blog on your site you get free content, out-going links and quite possibly shares from the author as they promote their content which brings in their audience to your site. If you post a guest blog on another website, you get an in-coming link to your site and traffic from their audience if they are interested in reading about more of what you have to say.

Integrate Images And Video Into Your Blog

Videos and images add interesting content to your site, but they are also highly searchable. Properly tagged, an image can draw just as much traffic to your site as an article. However, it is important to consider that anyone looking for an image might just be looking for that image and not actually interested in your site. This is good because it does bring more traffic, but it might not necessarily increase conversion or interest.

Get to Know Other Bloggers

Working together with other bloggers is a great way to increase your online presence and therefore increase your web traffic. Talking to bloggers or website owners who post about similar things can help you to build relationships which could lead to links, shares, and even encouragements to their following to go and follow your site. While this might be a slow process, it can be quite rewarding over time. So how do you build a relationship? Find similar blogs, talk with them, leave comments on their blogs and be genuine. This is what I do to get more traffic to my blog.

Spend Time On Social Media Networks To Naturally Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Your social media sites are more important than ever and you should remember to spend time on them. Focus on building relationships, targeting interested followers and building a following. Simply posting everything you put on your site won’t do the trick, but communicating, engaging and posting helpful tips and questions can do a lot for your traffic. Create quality content that others will want to share. This way many more people will be exposed to your brand. Post helpful niche information that will get people talking, and if you sell things, consider offering social only discounts that your followers can take advantage of. What you want to do is maximize engagement by being interesting, communicative and genuine.

There are plenty of ways to naturally drive traffic to your blog, but utilizing copywriting services for your website is one of the easiest ways. Your content is still the most important thing for traffic conversion, so make sure that it is on par with what you would expect if you clicked on a similar website.

Chris Hoole is a professional writer who offers a variety of copywriting services including guest blogs, web content, SEO and can help to drive traffic to your blog.
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  1. Guest blogging helps in a lot of ways – it helps to build links, gain traffic and exposure, build authority and also to establish connection with other bloggers and their readers. Its a winner in my book to generate high quality targeted traffic!
    Jane recently posted…Responsive Email List: How To Build Responsive Email Lists Part 2

  2. Although every point is effective to drive traffic on blog. But I think that spending time on social media networks is great among them.
    Dipankar Mondal recently posted…Best Android Apps For Bloggers!

  3. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic. I am looking to increase that next month. I also agree with you about getting to know other bloggers. When you build a healthy network, you can definitely have some great blogs to check out, comment on and share. Thanks for the post!

  4. Images are really important. If I land on a blog without an image I don’t always stay. It feels overhwhelming to me. I would add community with other bloggers is really important. No one can really blog it alone anymore. We need a community in our niche. It does take a lot of time but it will pay off. Social networks is becoming very real now for a traffic source. Someday it may outpace SEO. Time will tell!
    Lisa recently posted…Alexa Ranking Dropping Like A Meteroite To Earth

  5. Visuals will always be important.. A blob of text is just visually unappealing. Even if you have just 1 related image in your article it can be a great help to driving the message home to your audience.
    Steve Online recently posted…Designer Genes making solid progress

  6. All of your tips are good. My problem is usually struggling to find enough time to do it all. (TIME being the keyword here). There is much that cannot be achieved with money – instead it takes quality time. Leaving quality comments on quality blogs, (like your blog) is something I like to do as well. All blogs want and need comments on their posts to appear active and engaged :) I also find that when I take the time to retweet others, I get retweets and mentions in return :)
    Ruth Martin recently posted…Guide on How to Beat the Google Panda Update

  7. Building traffic has changed for the good I think. I get tired of endless spamming of comments on my sites and those sites I manage. I still comment on sites, but now I only comments because I want to, need to, or I am trying to get traffic from traffic those sites (not SEO but traffic from a good and helpful comment)

    I get most of my traffic from Google and the other search engines. I also find that my second best referring site for traffic is StumbleUpon. Sometimes the readers stick around and read the articles. If you have useful content and eye catching images, they normally stick around for an article or two.
    James recently posted…Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

    • I agree with you James. Gone are the days when people would leave comments like “good article”. These comments were only left by spammers, some of them using automated software. These days blog commenting is only effective if the comment is helpful. I think that leaving helpful comments is a very effective way to build your traffic, and your blogs readership. Even if the link is a no-follow link, it can still bring you traffic if the readers see you offering value. This traffic could then lead to new readers for your blog.
      Larry James recently posted…7 Commonly Overlooked Keyword Research Tools

  8. Hi Larry, this is a awesome post, I have learned some points from this aticle. Waiting for more information, keep sharing

  9. Nice post. I especially like your points about investing in relationships. It can be so hard to stand out from the crowd that it must be an ongoing process.
    Andrew recently posted…Five Ways to Push Through Writer’s Block When Blogging

    • It is not that hard Andrew. People notice when you share their content. All it takes is the right person to notice you and share your articles. A influential blogger can put your content in front of thousands of readers simply by “Liking” your article or “ReTweeting” it. The best platform I have found to help me do this is Blog Engage. It is a bloggers community of some great bloggers who will engage with your blog and share your content.
      Larry James recently posted…Join Blog Engage To Help Build Your Blogs Readership

  10. Quality content along with natural backlink is exactly what you will need to increase your organic visitors. Additionally you also need to focus on social media ( as you stated ) and long tail keywords so as to rank better and faster on SERP.

    Thanks for this great article.
    Vivek recently posted…249 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List From PR-2 To PR-6

  11. Hi Larry,

    I think guest blogging is the best one for driving traffic to your blog. I do not spend too much time on social media networks, but still get some good traffic from them. Great post.
    Juan Castillo recently posted…How many times per week should I update my blog?

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